5 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Tomorrow’s PlayStation 5 Pre-Order

Here are quick tips to help you with the crazy buying frenzy tomorrow of the PlayStation 5!

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So, you’ve decided to go on ahead and splurge that Christmas Bonus you just got on a brand-new shiny PlayStation 5, and you want that next-gen console on day 1! Well, PlayStation Asia recently announced mechanics on how to go about getting yourself one. With how extremely limited the first batch of supplies are though, it seems like it will be a challenge to secure your own console.

To recap, pre-order opens tomorrow at 2pm and will be done via online orders ONLY. Meaning, there is no way for you to purchase the PS5 come December 11, 2020 as a walk-in customer. It’s pre-order or bust.

For most establishments (including the likes of Datablitz), the pre-order window is capped at 5 MINUTES. It’s going to be on a first-come-first-served basis for those with the unique code that they can access tomorrow. Since it’s not a raffle for a chance, battling it out with everyone who has said code is the only way to get your hands on the unit.

As someone who has been buying limited edition sneakers for the past couple of years and being rung through various limited-purchase mechanics like these, I’m hoping that these tips might come in handy especially if this is the first time you’ll be going through these motions.

1. Make sure your internet is stable

As the pre-orders will all be done online, it’s a no brainer that you need stable enough internet so you can gain access to the shopping links for the PlayStation 5. Are there too many devices connected to the home Wi-Fi? You should turn some of them off so that you can gain priority. Nothing can be more infuriating that when you’re about to hit the buy button then your internet gives up on you.

As stores are also limiting the purchase to one person only per account, there might be instances where they’ll limit one purchase trial per IP address. In cases like these, switching to mobile data for some devices and hooking others up to home Wi-Fi may increase your chance of nabbing that new console for the Holidays.

2. Ready all your info in advance

You have 5 mins to shop and everyone is going to rush in and try to get a unit before you do. Aside from a fast and stable internet connection, you also have to be quick in placing your order. To make everything lightning fast, it’s best to have all your info ready on a notepad. Name, shipping info, contact details even credit card info could be written on a notepad before hand so all you have to do is copy and paste the info which should shave off a couple of precious seconds when keying-in your purchase.

3. Use All Your Tools like Batman

If you have multiple device, use them. ALL OF THEM. It’s really a matter of increasing your chances of getting a unit, especially as you only have 5 minutes to shop. So if you have 2 extra phones and a laptop, you might want to log-in to various shops that are offering the pre-orders for you to be sure you’ll get a unit (if your internet can handle it at least). You can try opening multiple browsers as well and logging on to all of those, however, as this is the first time PlayStation is utilizing this purchasing mechanic, we’re not sure if this trick will work. The safest procedure, we feel, is to use multiple devices instead.

4. Be as Nimble as Spider-Man

Spider-sense tingling! If you feel that a certain store isn’t going to budge because of the traffic, jump on the next one possible.  This is going to be (one of) the most intense 5 minutes of your lives (unless of course you’re used to camping out for Yeezy’s or highly limited drops). Being quick is key, but so is being alert — especially if you’re looking at multiple screens. Again, because we don’t know the exact program they’re using for this, we’re not sure if you’ll get a ping if you do get chosen. So, better pay attention!

5. Enjoy the Process & Accept the Results

At the end of the day, try to enjoy the the process of trying to get yourself a PlayStation 5. It might be frustrating, but there’s a weird rush just participating at these limited edition releases. Just to spare you guys grief, condition yourself that you may not be as lucky as you’d want to be and you may not actually get a PS5 this 2020. However, do understand that the PlayStation 5, while having limited units FOR NOW, is not going to be limited forever. In the world of sneakers, this is what we call a general release — it’s just you may have to wait your turn for you to play on what is arguably the most anticipated console of the year.

More units will arrive by 2021, and by then you could easily get your hands on one should you want to. So knowing all of this, just enjoy the experience tomorrow at 2pm. If you win, great, if not, then don’t be too sour about it.

To everyone who will be participating in tomorrow’s frenzy, we wish you all the very best of luck!

The PlayStation 5 will launch officially in the Philippines on December 11, 2020 and will have a limited time pre-order tomorrow at 2pm to 2:05pm. The PlayStation 5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray will retail for PHP 27,990.