PS5 pre-order opens in the Philippines tomorrow, November 20


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Following the announcement of the PS5’s December 11 release in the Philippines, Sony has just announced that the PS5 will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow, November 20, 2020.

Alongside Sony’s announcement, several video game retailers in the Philippines have also announced that pre-orders for the PS5 will start tomorrow. For all retailers, pre-orders will be available online only.


With the release of the PlayStation 5 console coming up soon, we are glad to announce that we…

Posted by DataBlitz onĀ Wednesday, November 18, 2020

PS5 pre-orders will be available through the following retailers:

  • Avid Sales Corp.
  • iTech
  • Gameline
  • Metro Plaza
  • Abenson
  • Game One
  • Datablitz
  • GameXtreme

Given the expected high demand for the PS5, the pre-order window for the console is only open on November 20 at 2:00PM to 2:05PM. Yes, you read that right, you only have five minutes to pre-order your own PS5! What's more is that for retailers such as Datablitz, pre-orders are only available for users who have signed up for the PS5 newsletter. These limits in pre-orders are also because PS5 stock in the Philippines is very limited, similar to other countries in the world.

The PS5 with Blu-Ray disc drive will be priced at PHP 27,990 in the Philippines. Alongside the console, four major launch titles and a wealth of accessories will also be released. Find out more about the PS5's launch in the Philippines HERE.