More PS5 stock is coming before the year ends

The PS5 is sold out all over the world, but at least a restock is coming soon.

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The PS5 launch is a massive success; it might even be too successful as the console has fully sold out worldwide. In fact, the console has already sold out pre-orders in countries where it has yet to release such as in the Philippines. This means there are still lots of gamers who don’t have or won’t get a PS5 even if they’re willing and ready to get one.

Given the incredible demand for the console, Sony has announced that it “more PS5 inventory will be coming to retailers before the end of the year.” This confirmation was made through the official PlayStation Twitter.

While a PS5 restock is great news, Sony did not go into detail on where more PS5 inventory will be released. Will it just be in the US? Or will the rest of the world also get more PS5 stock before 2021? We’ll just have to wait and see for an announcement from major video game retailers.

The PS5 launch was unprecedented not just because of the incredible demand, but also because it was done primarily online. Given social distancing recommendations, PS5 customers were told they must secure a pre-order online before getting their new console. This is unlike previous PlayStation launches where a set amount of consoles were available for people who lined up in various retailers.

Not sure whether to get the PS5 when it does get restocked? Here’s what we think:

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