Secretlab unveils the K/DA ‘ALL OUT’ edition gaming chair collection

The perfect gaming chair for BLADES!

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Following the release of the new K/DA music video along with the virtual group’s Worlds 2020 performance, Secretlab has unveiled another K/DA gaming chair series as part of its League of Legends Champions collection.

The new K/DA ALL OUT Edition gaming chairs come in two sizes–the smaller Omega and the large Titan model. Both chairs feature designs that are based on K/DA’s new look and aesthetic for the ALL OUT EP.

Specifically, both chairs are made with leather pieces that are complemented by custom-made iridescent leatherette, making for an eye-catching gaming chair. Adding flair to the chairs are the K/DA logo, as well as the insignias of the four K/DA members (Akali, Ahri, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa).

Check out some more detailed images of the K/DA ALL OUT Omega and Titan gaming chairs here:

The K/DA ALL OUT gaming chair lineup is available for pre-order now on the Secretlab website. The chairs will release this December, with prices at SGD 529 (around PHP 18,750) for the Omega model and SGD 579 (around PHP 20,525) for the Titan model.

Secretlab’s K/DA ALL OUT gaming chairs aren’t the only LoL-inspired chairs from the company. In fact, Secretlab also has a K/DA Pop Stars collection, as well as an Ionia collection inspired by select LoL champions.

Check out Secretlab’s full League of Legends gaming chair collection at: