Doraemon goes bougie with this Gucci collaboration

Prepare to shell out anywhere from Php 9500 to Php 290,000 on these adorable pieces from the Doraemon x Gucci pocket collection.

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Everybody’s loveable blue futuristic robot cat goes full on glam when Italian fashion house Gucci creates a pocket collection with him in it.

Yup, there’s a Doraemon X Gucci collab just on the horizon. Welcome to 2021 where geek is definitely in.

This isn’t the first time that the luxury fashion house collaborated with a beloved cartoon IP. Last 2020, Gucci partnered with Disney to create a Chinese New Year Capsule collection utilizing their most iconic mascot, Mickey Mouse. They did this again as part of their Epilogue collection this time with Donald.

This 2021 the beloved classic manga and anime character lends its furry blue self to round off the Epilogue Collection launched last year. This last batch explores Creative Director’s Alessandro Michele’s take on pushing beyond convention and embracing the whimsical freedom from the 70’s.

Dropping this January 12 to wider markets,  Gucci is releasing a massive number of items ranging from neck scarfs, to full track suits to leather goods and shoes.

Check some of the collection below:

Price ranges from $195USD (around Php 9500) all the way to $5800USD ( Php 290,000)!

“Born on September 3rd, 2112, a cat-type robot was sent from the 22nd century to help a young boy called Nobita with secret gadgets from his four-dimensional pouch. A playful character, Doraemon hates mice and loves Dorayaki, a sweet pancake”, says the description on their official site.

For more on this superbly geeky collaboration from Gucci and this classic character created by Fujiko Fujio, head over to Gucci’s official site.