Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate | Kool, Krazy, and Komplete

A komplete and krazy kool kollection of kombatants that keeps you konsistently entertained.

Now that Netherrealm has released Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate, players can partake in what we consider to be the best way to experience Mortal Kombat. If there was ever a time for you to sink your fingers into this franchise, that has come because this Ultimate edition comes with everything released after the game’s initial launch back in March 2019.

(Note: While Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate has a ton of content, this is just a short review as we have already reviewed the massive Aftermath expansion).

What’s in the Box?

MK 11: Ultimate provides players will Kombat Packs 1 & 2, and the Aftermath Expansion. This brings the total roster of fighters to 37, and two full blown cinematic campaigns. NR includes more garnish on this dish by throwing in a Time Warriors Skin Pack, this adds even more content to the game’s character customization. To top it all off, anyone who purchases this title can upgrade it to XBOX SERIES S & PS5, for free! Not only is it cross-platform compatible, but also cross-generation compatible. Like we said in our Aftermath Review, this is the game that keeps on giving.

Kombat Pack 1

I believe that when the roster for this pack was announced, I immediately thought NR was on to something. Guest characters like The Joker and Spawn, I understood how and why. NR did make the Injustice fighting games, and Spawn kind of fits into the aesthetic of Mortal Kombat. But holy shizzballs, when The Terminator T-800 was revealed, for a while I felt like the internet froze just to absorb how insanely amazing this was. 

Aftermath Expansion

The line between DLC and Expansions do blur in today’s state of gaming. I personally have not experienced the feeling of an “expansion” since Blizzard’s Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. Nowadays, added content comes in the form of DLC, which feel like micro add-ons to a game. So I felt this was a great nod to the days of old when you get full-blown additional experience to your game. Aftermath does not disappoint. The expansion’s price point was a bit steep, but this Ultimate Edition is definitely worth the value.


Kombat Pack 2

After the release of the Kombat Pack 2, its clear that Netherrealm Studios understands their audience whole heartedly. I honestly didn’t think they could follow up with Terminator and RoboCop as guest characters, but I am so glad I was wrong. The reveal of Rambo as a playable character completely won my heart, and I must emphasize that Sylvester Stallone, the original actor of the Rambo films, lends his voice to the character. I did not care how or why this character was chosen as a guest. It’s like that saying goes, I did not know I wanted this until I saw it.


Final Verdict – 8/10

Netherrealm Studios have completely outdone themselves. With the release of the Ultimate Edition, this gives players a complete experience of Mortal Kombat. Most especially those who are newcomers to the game and the series. For those who have waited for the packaged release, this is it.

If there’s any time to get into the MK franchise, you will be more than subsumed by the rich and unique characters that the game has developed over the years. Not to mention (without spoiling anything so just take my word for it), this is the best time to dive into the story of MK, without feeling like you’ve missed out on nearly 3 decades of previous releases.