Restock of PS5 to drop online tomorrow for 5 minutes again

It's back! PS5 restock batch 2 happening tomorrow! Gamers, are you ready?

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THIS IS NOT A DRILL! It’s happening again!

Much like what occurred during the last PlayStation 5 online pre-registration, various local video game retailers are opening their online portals once again for a new batch of orders! Dropping tomorrow, January 22, 2020 from 2:00PM to 2:05PM, we’re treated to another 5 minutes of buying frenzy! We’re expecting another round of chaos among rabid gamers trying to get their hands on Sony’s latest next-gen console.

According to the post by Datablitz, stocks are EXTREMELY limited again so expect to battle your way to get a unit.

If you’re one of the few that wasn’t fortunate enough to get a unit the last time around, tomorrow might be your big chance. To make your chances of getting a PS5 a bit easier, we’ve summarized the purchase mechanics of some of the retailers.


The biggest video game retailer shops in the country, expect hordes of people logging in at the same time tomorrow. Much like their mechanics last November, the online ordering of PS5 will be limited to those who signed up for the PS5 Newsletter or those who will be signing up for their newsletter subscription by 5:00PM today (Jan 21, 2020).

To signup head over to this link:

You’ll be given a special access link tomorrow once you’ve done this but purchase is in a first come, first served basis.

Visit their official Facebook Page for more info.

GameOne Ph

With GameOne Ph, they’ll be revealing the special online shopping link on their social media pages and you’ll need to have an official GameOne Ph account. So, it’s best to register those and get those out of the way come tomorrow. Same with majority of the retailers, it’s a first come, first-served basis and will limit purchase to one unit only per person. In fact, GameOne Ph even states that if you’ve won before (or gotten your hands on a PS5 via GameOne Ph, you’re not eligible to get another).

Visit their official Facebook Page for more info. 


For GameXtreme, official selling of the PlayStation 5 will happen on their own website at only and will be limited to 1 unit per person only. If they find out you’re trying to get more, you will be disqualified from the event.

Visit their official Facebook Page for more info.

If you’re getting flashes of PTSD from last November’s online pre-order riot, we did create a handy guide on how to increase your chances of getting your very own unit. These are steps we did and we have been doing on hype releases and have more or less given us a decent amount of success rate. Check out our guide HERE.

And if you’re still wondering if getting a Playstation 5 is worth it, watch the video below:

Goodluck everyone, and remember, more units are on the way!