Sony ends PS4 production in Japan, except for the PS4 Slim 500GB model

Nearly the end of an era.

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According to a recent report by GAME Watch, Sony Interactive Entertainment has discontinued the production of PS4 units in Japan, save for the PS4 “Slim” 500GB model in Jet Black. This means all PS4 Pro models and PS4 Slim 1TB consoles will no longer be made for the Japan market.

The decision to end most PS4 production in Japan is due to the stock shortage of the PS5 in the country. This is because Sony is planning to transition previous PS4 production lines into producing PS5s in order to meet the console’s incredible demand.

Compared to previous PlayStation consoles, Sony has discontinued PS4 Pro production very early as it was only released a bit over four years ago. That’s not to say that PS4 production is ending as a whole though; after all, the base PS4 will still be made. Though it remains to be seen how long production of the base PS4 will continue.

Even though the PS4 Pro is no longer being produced, the PS5 is backwards compatible with over 99% of PS4 games. So it comes as no surprise that Sony is prioritizing PS5 production, especially considering the sky-high demand for the next-gen console.

Source: GAME Watch via Gematsu