Go Fish with these Pokemon Fishing Lures

Gotta fish ‘em all!

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Aside from training to beat the Elite Four and the current Champion, one of other things that players can do in the Pokemon games is Fishing. Perhaps one of the most memorable things of this mini-game made is how religiously it made players fish on Route 119 to catch a Feebas. Oh.. the memories of countless Magikarp that we all encountered during those times can make a grown man weep.

While fishing in the game isn’t exactly exciting, fishing in real life can be quite fun, if you’re patient that is. Now, if you love fishing IRL and are a Pokemon fan, here’s something for you!

Fishing accessory company Duo International recently released a commercial announcing that they will be releasing Pokemon fishing lures!

People can choose between two different Pokemon designs: a Kyogre lure and a Pikachu lure. These fishing lures literally swim in the water thanks to their joints, and each come with its own gimmick. The Kyogre lure for instance, drags its blue fur which attract fish on its way. Meanwhile, the Pikachu lure has a rudder making it move spontaneously, letting the fish think that it is a tasty snack.

They look cute and are functional to boot, making them great for both Pokemon fans and fishing enthusiasts. Though keep in mind that there is a risk that a tough Fish can swim away with this wonderful lure. Plus there’s the fact that these items are currently exclusive to Japan. So if you want them, make sure to ask your friend in Japan if you can!

Source: NintendoSoup