Sony has shipped 4.5 million PS5 consoles in 2020

Meanwhile the PS4 has now reached 115 millions shipments.

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After recording 3.4 million shipments after just a month, Sony has revealed in its recent earnings announcement that the PS5 has shipped 4.5 million units worldwide in 2020. This means over 4 million consoles were shipped to retailers from the console’s launch to December 31, 2020.

Given that the PS5 is practically sold out worldwide, it should be fair to say at this point that Sony has sold 4.5 million PS5 consoles. Of course, a not-insignificant chunk of those PS5s have gotten into the hands of scalpers.

Aside from the PS5s success, Sony has also revealed that it shipped 1.4 million PS4 units from October-December 2020, meaning the PS4 now stands at 115 million units shipped in its lifetime.

As for software sales, Sony also revealed in its earnings report that Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales sold 4.1 million units worldwide as of December 31, 2020.

Thanks to the impressive shipment numbers of Sony’s consoles and games during the last three months of 2020, PlayStation has officially recorded USD 8.4 billion in revenue–the highest quarterly revenue in video game history. As a whole then, 2020 is a massive year for PlayStation; though it’s not exactly a surprise given the meteoric rise of gaming as people stayed at home more because of the pandemic.

Source: Resetera, Twinfinite