Bandai Namco announces Scarlet Nexus release date

Bandai Namco has just announced that the upcoming action-RPG, Scarlet Nexus, will release on PC and consoles on June 25.

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Revealed back in May of last year, Bandai Namco has finally announced the release date of upcoming action-RPG, Scarlet Nexus. The game will release on June 25, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Aside from the game’s release date, Bandai Namco also released a new trailer for the game featuring Kasane, one of the two main playable characters.

Scarlet Nexus’ premise is described as:

In SCARLET NEXUS, a strange life-form called “Others” appeared from the sky and began to prey on the brains of living creatures on the earth – including humans. In order to fight this new kind of enemy, the “Other Suppression Force” (OSF) was created in the city where brain power has been developed, called New Himuka. The OSF is composed of the only people able to exterminate the Others, blessed with exceedingly powerful “brain power” and considered as true heroes by the population.

Every year, more and more recruits are joining the ranks of the OSF to take part to the endless battle between humanity and the Others.

Among them, Yuito Sumeragi, a bright and positive-minded recruit with a kind heart. Second son of the prestigious Sumeragi family, his ancestor was the founding father of New Himuka.

He endured an intensive training to be able, one day, to help the citizens of his city and rescue them, as he was once saved himself from an Other by a member of the OSF. Since then, he cherishes the ear cuff he received on that memorable day.

Finally, Bandai Namco revealed the pre-order bonuses for Scarlet Nexus.

Players who pre-order the Standard Edition will receive:

  • Special Battle Attire Set -Audio-
  • Additional Attachment “Face Vision: Seal”
  • Additional Attachment “Dream Catcher”
  • Additional Attachment Set “Shoulder Baki (11)”

Meanwhile, fans who purchase the Deluxe Edition will receive:

  • The full game
  • Battle Attire Set -Red-
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Digital Artbook
  • Additional Attachment “The Others”

Want to know more about Scarlet Nexus? Here’s everything that we know about the game so far:

Everything we know about Scarlet Nexus so far