Nintendo is reportedly releasing a new Switch model later this year

The new Switch is said to have a larger display.

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While there have been several rumors over the past year about a possible Switch Pro model, a recent report strongly suggests that Nintendo is finally about to release a new version of its Switch console.

Specifically, Bloomberg recently reported that a Nintendo is planning to release a Switch console with a bigger display later this year. The upgraded Switch is said to have a bigger 7-inch Samsung OLED display with a 720p resolution.

According to the said report, the screen will be manufactured as early as June, meaning the larger Switch console will release either ahead or during Holiday 2021.

There are currently two Switch models, the standard console and the Switch Lite.

While the new Switch console is said to have a larger, improved screen than the current model (the current model has a 6.2-inch LCD screen for comparison), there’s no word yet on if this new variant will have more powerful hardware similar to the mid-cycle refreshed consoles like PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

If Nintendo does release a larger Switch later this year, we have no idea right now if it will sit alongside the existing Switch, or if it will serve as a replacement for the original model.

In related news, the Nintendo Switch family has officially sold over 79 million units worldwide as of December 31, 2020.