Looks like PlayStation is expanding to mobile games

Sony recently posted a job listing for a Head of Mobile for PlayStation Studios, indicating that major PlayStation mobile games may be in the works.

While Sony has big plans for the PS5, it seems that PlayStation mobile titles will soon be released, at least according to a recent job listing.

As spotted in Resetera, Sony Interactive Entertainment recently posted a job listing for a Head of Mobile at PlayStation Studios. Given that a Head of Mobile position is open, it likely means that PlayStation is looking at expanding into smartphones, though the extent of this is not clear as of the moment.

There are a couple of interesting things revealed in the responsibilities of the job opening. These include:

  • Partner with PlayStation Studios Leadership Team to develop mobile product roadmap for a 3-5-year time frame.
  • Build and scale multiple game teams and product leaders to deliver against future title plans.

While not a total confirmation, it seems that PlayStation’s smartphone plans aren’t simply for apps that will support console titles, but instead there is likely a plan to create multiple titles.

Given Sony’s recent push to create film/TV adaptations of its IP (such as the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima movie), it should come as no surprise that PlayStation smartphone titles are also being planned for. If there are full phone game releases from PlayStation, we expect them to be within popular PS series such as Horizon, God of War, and others.

Source: Resetera