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SEGA Etrian Odyssey

    Ragnarok M announces the Eternal Love Cosplay Concerto–an online cosplay competition

    Ready your best Ragnarok cosplay!


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    Fresh off launching the game’s biggest update yet, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love has just announced the Eternal Love Cosplay Concerto, and it’s an online cosplay competition for all Ragnarok fans in the Philippines. With more than USD 5,000 in cash prizes up for grabs and with an all-star panel of judges, the upcoming cosplay concerto is shaping up to be a major event for the Ragnarok M fanbase.

    With safety in mind, the Ragnarok M Eternal Love cosplay event will be held online, with shortlisted contestants getting a chance to showcase their cosplay in the Zoom finals. The finals for the Cosplay Concerto will be streamed live.

    Judging the contestants in this cosplay event are actor Alden Richards, comedian Pio Balbuena, cosplayer Myrtle Sarrosa, and actress Aj Raval. The competition’s judges will grade the contestants on their costume craftsmanship, accuracy to RO:M lore, and ability to shine in the spotlight. By the end of the competition, the highest ranking cosplayer will bag the USD 2,000 grand prize. Aside from this though, there will also be a special Popularity prize which will be based on public votes from the community, as well as a lucky draw segment.

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    Interested in joining the contest? You can join by posting a public photo or video entry (max 1 minute) onto your Facebook with the hashtag #ROConcerto. You should also include the introduction and reference image of who you will be cosplaying as, and complete the registration form here: before April 26, 2021.

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    Here are the full mechanics and timeline for the cosplay event:

    Event MechanicsTimeline (2021)
    Entry Submission

    (Public FB posting + hashtag #ROConcerto + complete registration form)

    5 Apr – 26 Apr
    Shortlisted Contestants Announcement

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    (Only shortlisted contestants will be eligible for the special Popularity prize )

    29 Apr
    Digital Finals

    (All contestants are invited to attend in full costume via Zoom)

    1 May

    For more info on the event, visit the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Facebook page.

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