Check out these stunning Lady Dimitrescu cosplays

To celebrate the release of Resident Evil Village, here are some of our favorite cosplays of the tall vampire lady herself, Lady Dimitrescu.

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Apart from the great reviews and buzz that the game is getting, most of Resident Evil Village’s hype can certainly be linked to only one character that (pun intended) stands tall among all the others, and that is Lady Dimitrescu, one of the game’s notable antagonists.

As intimidating as she looks in the short previews and the demo, it was enough to cook up a storm in the interwebs; not to mention that ther are already some talented fans loving the character up to the point of meticulously cosplaying her in all her menacing glory.

With that said, in no particular, here’s 5 of the best Lady Dimitrescu cosplays we’ve seen so far:

danielledenicola (Danielle DeNicola)

@Latienie (Lana Bachynski)

Resident Evil 8: Village is available on May 7 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.