Balenciaga drops PlayStation 5 collab that’s more expensive than an actual PS5

Balenciaga has just dropped a PlayStation 5 collection that consists of a tee and hoodie, and both are more expensive than an actual PS5.

From the Travis Scott PS5 Dunk Lows to the recently released PG 5 collab, Sony has quite a number of PS5-inspired footwear collabs recently. Now though, Sony’s new console serves as the inspiration to two apparel pieces from high fashion brand, Balenciaga.

The Balenciaga x PS5 collab consists of a graphic tee and a hoodie, both of which feature the PS5 and the Balenciaga logo, as well as “NOV 2020” text to mark the console’s release. While they may look rather simple, what makes them pop out is their eye-popping price tag. The Balenciaga x PlayStation graphic tee is priced at an eye-watering USD 675 (around PHP 32,290) while the hoodie is priced at a whopping USD 875 (around PHP 41,850).

Each piece is more expensive than an actual PS5 console, and getting both is equivalent to buying three PS5s at retail price. Of course, that’s assuming you can get a PS5 at retail and not through inflated scalper pricing.

Here’s a closer look at both the Balenciaga x PlayStation tee and hoodie:

While a tee being priced more than a PS5 console is crazy to some, this kind of pricing is not surprising in high fashion. For sure, there are some deep-pocketed gamers and high fashion lovers who will be interested in this design. If you are one of those people, you’ll probably like the rest of Balenciaga’s new video game-inspired collection.

The Balenciaga x PlayStation 5 collection is available now.

Source: Highsnobiety