SINoALICE x NieR Replicant rerun event is now live on Global Servers

SINoALICE x NieR Replicant collaboration event returns on the Global servers and will feature event exclusive characters and scenarios.

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NieR Replicant returns to SINoALICE yet again for another collaboration, and this time, the event will feature new variants of the previous characters from the previous collab. The SINoALICE x NieR Replicant rerun is now live, and it features new versions of Kaine, Emil, Devola and Popola, with new splash art and classes.

Much like the Rozen Maiden collab, this rerun also has an event-exclusive scenario that focuses on the guest characters in the event. Players will also receive Young Nier as a free character by just simply logging-in in to the game during the event period. Previous versions of the aforementioned characters are also available again for summoning during this limited event, giving chance for the players who missed the first collab.


Lastly, an event variant of Three Little Piggies is available as part of the collab. This event exclusive variant will change their costumes based on Kaine, Emil, and Young Nier.   

The SINoALICE x NieR Replicant rerun event is currently available and will end on July 6, 2021.

source: siliconera