Nintendo announces the new Switch OLED model, releasing this October

Nintendo has just announced the Switch OLED, a new Switch model which features an OLED screen, a bigger stand, and other enhancements.

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Following reports of an upcoming Switch model, Nintendo has finally announced the Switch OLED. This new Switch model features an OLED screen, a bigger stand, and other enhancements!

Check out the announce trailer for the new Switch model here:

The highlight feature of the Nintendo Switch OLED is of course its display. This new Switch comes with a 7-inch OLED display, meaning it should have more vibrant colors and deeper blacks compared to its predecessor. For comparison, the standard Switch model has a 6.2-inch LCD display, while the Switch has an even smaller 5.5-inch LCD screen. Though the Switch OLED’s screen still only has a 720p resolution.

Aside from the display, the Switch OLED also comes with a larger (and seemingly sturdier) stand as well as enhanced speakers and 64GB of internal storage. For the dock, the Switch OLED now has a built-in wired LAN port. Plus, the Switch OLED also comes with a new black-and-white color scheme, though there is also a standard red/blue Joy Con option available.

The Switch OLED will release on October 8, 2021 for USD 349.99 (around PHP 17,375). While there’s no official word yet, we expect the Switch OLED to also be available in the Philippines this October.

For more info on the new Switch, visit the Nintendo website.