Xbox Game Pass might officially release in the Philippines soon

Microsoft Philippines' official social media recently hinted that Xbox Game Pass might be coming to the Philippines quite soon.

UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed that Game Pass is coming to the Philippines. 

Xbox Game Pass is currently available in quite a number of countries, but not here in the Philippines. Though from the looks of it, Xbox Game Pass might just release in the PH very soon!

Recently, Bim Barbieto of Geekout PH tweeted a request for Game Pass to be made available in the Philippines. While the tweet was published back in April, the official Microsoft Philippines Twitter recently replied “Got it,” which is a possible hint that there are plans to release Game Pass in the Philippines. After all, why else would the official Microsoft PH Twitter reply to a months-old tweet?

Taken on its own, the tweet isn’t exactly a confirmation that Game Pass will indeed release in the Philippines. Though earlier this month, a Microsoft job listing on LinkedIn was spotted by One More Game, and that listing was for a “Gaming Marketing Lead” that will handle marketing for Japan, Korea, SEA, India, Australia & New Zealand.

This listing, combined with the recent Microsoft PH tweet, is a strong indication that there is some interest from Microsoft in releasing Game Pass officially in the Philippines. Though aside from Game Pass, lots of Filipino gamers are also no doubt hoping for official releases of the new Xbox Series X|S consoles in the country.

Currently, the Philippines is not an officially supported region in Game Pass, meaning Pinoy Xbox gamers have to create an account based on another region.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s video game subscription service. Users who have a Game Pass subscription are able to download and play a rotating list of games (think of it like Netflix for games).