ASUS announces motherboard support for Windows 11

    No settings changes required with latest BIOS update on selected motherboards


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    Following the announcement of free Windows 11 upgrades for various laptops, ASUS has announced that the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview build can now be installed on many existing ASUS motherboard models.

    Specifically, the preview build of Windows 11 can be installed by applying the latest UEFI BIOS update from the relevant ASUS support page, or by manually enabling the required function in an ASUS motherboard’s existing UEFI BIOS.

    The following Intel and AMD platform ASUS motherboard models offer Windows 11 Insider Preview upgrade / installation support:

    ASUS motherboards
    Intel platformAMD platform
    C621 SeriesWRX80 Series
    C422 SeriesTRX40 Series
    X299 SeriesX570 Series
    Z590 SeriesB550 Series
    Q570 SeriesA520 Series
    H570 SeriesX470 Series
    B560 SeriesB450 Series
    H510 SeriesX399 Series
    Z490 SeriesX370 Series
    Q470 SeriesB350 Series
    H470 SeriesA320 Series
    B460 Series 
    H410 Series 
    W480 Series 
    Z390 Series 
    Z370 Series 
    H370 Series 
    B365 Series 
    B360 Series 
    H310 Series 
    Q370 Series 
    C246 Series 
    Z270 Series* 
    H270 Series* 
    B250 Series* 
    Q270 Series* 
    Z170 Series* 
    H170 Series* 
    B150 Series* 
    H110 Series* 
    Q170 Series* 
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    Take note though, while these motherboards support the new Windows 11 preview build, it is still beta software, so users will be solely responsible for any potential system damage or data loss. This means Windows 11 preview installation is recommended more for PC enthusiasts.

    For full details on updating the UEFI BIOS for Windows 11 installation or upgrade, visit the ASUS support page.

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