Another life-size Gundam statue is coming to Japan in 2022

    A 20m Nu Gundam is getting built in Fukuoka next year!


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    After the opening of the Gundam Factory in Yokohama last year, another life-size Mobile Suit Gundam statue is getting built in Japan!

    Specifically, a 20 meter-tall RX-93 v Gundam statue (also known as the Nu Gundam) will be built the Mitsui Shopping Park Lalaport in Fukuoka, Japan. This new Gundam statue is not only a life-size replica of the Nu Gundam, it will also be the biggest Gundam replica to date. For comparison, the Tokyo Unicorn Gundam (pictured below) stands at 19.7m, while the Yokohama Gundam Factory statue has a height of 18 meters.

    Expect the Nu Gundam in Fukuoka to become a major attraction in Fukuoka, similar to this Gundam Unicorn statue in Tokyo.

    Not familiar with the RX-93 v aka the Nu Gundam? This iconic Mobile Suit appeared in the movie ‘Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack’ which released back in 1998, and it was designed and piloted by Amuro Ray. As for the film itself, Char’s Counterattack served as the finale of the original Gundam saga which started with the 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam series. Char’s Counterattack was also significant for being the first theatrical release for the franchise.

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    In related Gundam news, Supreme revealed an RX-78-2 Master Grade Gundam as part of its Fall/Winter 2021 collection.

    Source: TimeOut Tokyo

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