Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds is available now on Android and iOS

    Players Can Receive Log-in Bonuses Including 9,000 Gems to be used for Treasure Hunts.


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    After its announcement back in March, Square Enix has released Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds on Android and iOS. This new mobile game is based on The Adventure of Dai anime which is a spin-off of the long-running Dragon Quest JRPG series.

    Gameplay-wise, this new Dragon Quest mobile game features a team-based action RPG system, complete with dynamic battle sequences and deep character progression options.

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    With the game now available on mobile devices, here’s a quick rundown of what content to expect:

    • Powerful Characters Avan and Hyunckel Available: Players can add these characters to their teams via different in-game events:
      • In the quest, “The Hero Tutor Returns!”, players can team up with Avan in his Dermline Island outfit available from now until 5:59 AM on November 27, 2021.
      • The “Action is Virtue: The Solitary Swordsman” event will allow players to team up with Hyunckel (Disciple of Avan) from 6:00 AM on September 30, 2021 until 5:59 AM on October 13, 2021.
    • Launch Celebration Treasure Hunt: Players will have the chance to obtain equipment for the Avan Strash special move in the Launch Celebration Treasure Hunt, available from now until 5:59 AM on October 14, 2021.
    • Pre-Registration Rewards: To celebrate the milestone of achieving 1.5 million preregistrations, 3,000 gems (enough for 10 uses of the Treasure Hunt) will be distributed to all players. Gems and other items can be used on Treasure Hunts to get weapons and amour. Gems can also be used to replenish stamina.
      • A Pre-Registration Thank You gift of 3,000 gems will also be distributed to all players, meaning that players can earn up to 6,000 gems (enough for 20 uses of the Treasure Hunt) just by logging in. These gifts can be claimed within 30 days of logging in to the game and are available from now until 2:59 PM on October 31, 2021.
    • Daily Log-In Bonuses: To celebrate the launch of the game, players who log-in daily on seven different days from now until 7:00 PM on October 14, 2021 can earn up to 3,000 gems.

    Not familiar with the game? The Adventure of Dai is described as:

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    In DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds, players will experience the epic story of the anime DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai. Cooperative play will be available for up to three players to work together and strategize to take down the Dark Army on a three-lane battlefield. Players will need to observe their opponents moves and attacks to respond with the right counter-attack, dodge, or spell. Each character will have different roles, abilities, and special skills in a match. Characters, attacks, weapons, and equipment can also be upgraded and customized, providing for strategic RPG elements on top of in addition to the exciting action.

    For more info on this new Dragon Quest mobile game, visit the game’s official website.

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