A Chrono Cross remake might be in the works

    Here's hoping this gets confirmed ASAP!


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    According to a new report, a Chrono Cross remake is in production, and it might be announced quite soon.

    Specifically, VGC recently released a comprehensive report that details lots of info that point to a possible Chrono Cross announcement soon.

    To start, there was a GeForce Now list of games that was leaked back in September, and in that list is Chrono Cross remake. The list has been confirmed to be real by NVIDIA, though they did mention that not all the games in the list necessarily exist.

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    Along with this, Folk singer Éabha McMahon revealed in an interview that she has recorded an Irish language song for a mystery game that’s supposedly a PlayStation exclusive. now though, XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker said that this game is actually Chrono Cross, and it is going to be released on multiple platforms.

    While these are rather strong indicators that this remake is indeed in the works, we’ll have to wait and see for an announcement from Square Enix.

    In case you’re unfamiliar, Chrono Cross is a JPRG released back in 1999 for the PlayStation. Chrono Cross is set in the same world as Chrono Trigger, and it can be seen as a sort of loose sequel to Trigger. Chrono Cross is one of the most beloved JRPGs of the PlayStation era, and it is one of the most critically acclaimed as well.

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