Back 4 Blood new content roadmap revealed

    More content is coming soon to Back 4 Blood!


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    Following the game’s release last month, Turtle Rock Studios has unveiled the new content roadmap for Back 4 Blood. This roadmap features the free updates that players will get in November, December, and in 2022. Plus, it also details more Annual Pass content, including an upcoming expansion.

    First up, here are the free updates coming this November, December, and sometime in 2022:

    November 2021

    • Quality of Life improvements
    • Major Bug Fixes
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    December 2021

    • All-New Features
      • New Supply Lines
      • Ridden Practice Area
      • Holiday Seasonal Event
    • Solo Offline with Campaign Progression
    • New Card Type
    • All-New Cards


    • New Difficulty
    • New Player Cards
    • New Corruption Cards
    • New Co-op Mode
    • Melee Updates
    • Quality of Life Improvements
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    Along with these free updates, Turtle Rock Studios also confirmed that the Annual Pass holders will get the game’s first Expansion titled ‘Tunnels of Terror’ sometime in 2022. The game’s second and third expansion, while not yet revealed, are also releasing in 2022.

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    Finally, Annual Pass holders will also get new Cleaners, Ridden, Activity Type, Weapons, Cards, and Exclusive Skins.

    Back 4 Blood is available now on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

    In case you haven’t played it yet and need a bit more convincing, check out our full Back 4 Blood review here:

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