Is the Nintendo eShop Philippines store opening soon?

    Here's hoping the Philippines gets an eShop soon!


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    Will the Nintendo eShop will officially open in the Philippines? While there’s no official word from Nintendo yet, recently, Nintendo has launched its Southeast Asia Facebook page.

    Now, this might not seem like much to go on, but Nintendo opening a Southeast Asian Facebook page is significant. This is because, while Nintendo consoles and games have always been available in the Philippines, the country isn’t officially supported by Nintendo. This means Nintendo device owners have a difficult time getting device support directly.

    With this page, it might indicate that Nintendo is strengthening is official presence in Southeast Asia.

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    Aside from the Nintendo SEA Facebook page, the official Nintendo Singapore page was also launched recently. While there doesn’t seem to be a Nintendo eShop yet in Singapore, it won’t be surprising to see the eShop officially launch in SG.

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    Currently, Nintendo Switch owners in the Philippines need to set their regions to the US to access and buy games from the eShop. While Philippine credit cards do work on the US eShop, it’s not ideal as there’s no official support.

    Given this, here’s hoping that Nintendo does open the eShop in the Philippines sometime in the future, as well as extend support for Switch devices in the country .

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    Nicolo Manaloto
    Nicolo Manaloto
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