PlayStation joins ESGS 2021 with NBA 2K22 Showmatch

PlayStation has announced that it is joining ESGS 2021, presenting the event's NBA 2K22 showmatch featuring NBA 2K series personalities.

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PlayStation has announced that it is joining ESGS 2021, and there, PlayStation will present the event’s NBA 2K22 showmatch featuring several NBA 2K series personalities.

The upcoming showmatch will be hosted by Jutt Sulit, sports caster, host, writer and basketballer for PBA Rush and ESPN 5. The event will then feature the following players:

  • Philippe Alcaraz Herrero IV aka PBE_Philippe
    • Philippe is known as the National Esports NBA 2K Athlete of the Philippines. He is also the NBA 2k18 ASIA Champion & NBA 2k19 Philippine Qualifiers Champion.
  • Bizquit
    • He is gaming content creator that is known for his simulation games for NBA 2k.

The showmatch will be casted by e vent host and sports anchor, Chuck Araneta, along with NBA 2K series personality and caster, Aim High.

Aside from enjoying the NBA 2K showmatch, ESGS viewers can also get to win PlayStation-branded and NBA 2K22-branded premiums/merchandise.

PlayStation is no stranger to ESGS, especially as PlayStation has exhibited in ESGS 2015 to 2017. If you’ve attended the ESGS events of those years, then you should know that PlayStation’s booths are one of the biggest in the show floor. So it’s nice to see PlayStation back at ESGS, even if this year’s event is fully online.

Make sure not to miss the showmatch when it goes live on November 20, 2021 at 3PM.

ESGS 2021 is happening online and will be live on Facebook on November 19-21, 2021. Check out the full lineup of the event here.