The Steam Autumn Sale 2021 is now live – here are our top picks

The Steam Autumn Sale 2021 is happening now until December 1, and here are our top five deals that you should add to your cart.

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While most PC gamers are waiting for the Holiday 2021 Sale, the Steam Autumn Sale 2021 is now live, and it’s lineup of deals and discounts are not too shabby!

The Autumn Sale is now live until December 1 at 10AM Pacific (December 2 at 2AM PHT), and in this sale, there are a ton of incredible deals, some of which we didn’t even expect.

So, if you’re looking for a game to play, or maybe thinking of a popular title that you may have missed, here are our top five picks for the Steam Autumn Sale 2021.

Deathloop – 50% off (PHP 1,380 sale price) 

In our Deathloop review, we praised the game’s fun gameplay and unique premise, so much so that we consider it as one of the highlight games of this year. So it’s quite surprising to see it on sale for 50% off on Steam!

At its sale price, Deathloop is no doubt a great deal. So, if you haven’t played it yet and don’t think it’s worth it at full price given its fairly short length, now’s a good time to get your hands on it.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – 50% off (PHP 1,150 sale price) 

While Deathloop may be on the shorter side, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a massive game, and it could take you a hundred or so hours to complete. At 50% off, RDR2 is no doubt a must-buy, especially if you missed out on playing it back in 2018 when it released.

Dark Souls 3 – 50% off (PHP 1,050 sale price) 

With Elden Ring coming in just a few months, we highly recommend giving Dark Souls 3 a shot if you haven’t yet. In our hands-on preview of Elden Ring, we found that it played a lot like an evolved Dark Souls 3. This means if you want to get a nice taste of Souls before jumping into Elden Ring, DS3 is a game that you should consider now that its’ available with 50% off.

Death Stranding – 70% off (PHP 899.70 sale price) 

Death Stranding is one of the most unique and memorable triple-A titles in recent memory, though it might not be for everyone. At 70% off though, Death Stranding is well worth trying, especially if you want a title that offers a gameplay experience that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Tales of Arise – 25% off (PHP 1,499.96 sale price) 

Usually, we only list games that have 50% discounts or more, but we’re making an exception for Tales of Arise. Even with just a 25% discount, Tales of Arise is worth the price given that it’s a fun and satisfying JRPG, and is a great entry point to the Tales series.

Check out the rest of the Autumn Sale 2021 deals now on Steam.