This Bonk! Cheems figure is another fine addition to our figure collection

The Bonk! Cheems figure another popular meme turned collectible, and is available for pre-order and might be a fine addition your collection.

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You probably already saw it by now, but for those who haven’t seen it yet, there is another iconic meme-turned figure available for pre-purchase. The new Bonk! Cheems figure by Youtooz featuring the viral Shiba Inu Balltze or widely known as Cheems — the 11-year-old dog from Hong Kong — became popular on the internet and has been used in many meme formats and image macros. And one of its most popular is the “Go to Horny Jail! Bonk” meme where the figure is based on.

Bonk! Cheems

The Bonk! Cheems fig is the latest addition to Youtooz Cheems collection, featuring two Cheems figures in one package with an approximate scale of 3.5. This limited edition figure will come with a well-drawn box featuring Cheems in his “natural habitat”, namely his cozy living room and sofa, while the exterior of the box is also fully illustrated with white “doge paws” as its design. This is another meme figure that would make a fine addition to your collection, whether you keep it in or out of the box.

This is not the first Meme related figure that came out for pre-order this year as there was a 1/6 scale figure of Wolverine based on the Wolverine Crush meme that was available at San Diego Comic-Con 2021 as an event exclusive toy. There was also Diamond Select – Dogma – Buddy Christ 5-inch Dashboard Statue based on the Buddy Christ meme.

Just like these toys and figures, Bonk! Cheems is a limited time offer, and currently, the figure is still available for pre-order, so don’t miss your chance if you want one. You can still secure your slot for pre-orders at Youtooz official website and it will cost USD 35.99 (PHP 1,812.87) excluding tax and shipping.