‘Gloomhaven’ board game will now have their own set of miniatures coming on Kickstarter

Adding a bit more plastic to your Gloomhaven session.

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How can you possibly make Gloomhaven, the number 1 board game on Boardgamegeek and one of the most crowdfunded games even better? Add more plastic miniatures of course!

This was just announced by publisher Cephalofair Games over at Facebook. Check out the video below:

Though Gloomhaven had their own miniatures for the mercenaries included in the game, the monsters, bosses and other enemy types were all in cardboard standee form, which can be a bit of a let-down to some gamers who want their games look a bit more thematic.

No specific release date yet but expect the Kickstarter campaign to launch next year. So if all goes well, we might realistically see these wonderful minis in 2023 or the year after. Its also good to point out that they will have minis for Gloomhaven’s entire lineup of games – yes that includes Frosthaven!


Can’t wait that long? Well you can play the board game for now… Or you can try out Gloomhaven Digital – which the folks over at UnGeek feel is the superior version because it eliminates a lot of the downtime the game brings, not to mention all the setup table space. The only thing that’s lacking is the tangible immersion that the tabletop version brings, of course.

Gloomhaven Digital is currently available on Steam.


Gloomhaven Digital is the best way to play the #1 board game right now