Yu-Gi-Oh just launched this Duel Disk nap pillow

Following the opening of the announcement of the Ultimate Kaiba Set, Yu-Gi-Oh has launched a Duel Disk nap pillow.

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Following the opening of the recent announcement of the Ultimate Kaiba Set, Yu-Gi-Oh has launched another piece of unique merch, and this time it’s a Duel Disk nap pillow!

Much like replica duel disks, you can put this nap pillow inside your arm. Though instead of using this for duels, you can use this to catch a bit of shuteye while at your desk.

Check out some detailed products images here:

Interested in getting one? Currently, this Yu-Gi-Oh pillow is available to order only in Japan via the Kaiba Corporation Store, and it is priced at JPY 8,800 (around USD 78 or PHP 3,890). So, if you’re living in Japan, you’ll just have to wait and hope for this nap pillow to release internationally soon.

Aside from this duel disk nap pillow, Yu-Gi-Oh has also launched a variety of merch, including:

  • DUEL CLASH Pullover hoodie (Black Magician Girl VS Black Magician)
  • DUEL CLASH Long sleeve T-shirt
  • CARD ILLUSTRATION Tapestry (14 types)
  • CARD ILLUSTRATION Can badges (14 types)
  • CARD ILLUSTRATION Blanket (Battle City Edition)
  • POP UP PARADE Black Magician Girl Another Color Ver.
  • Character Board Battle City Edition (4 types)
  • Character Graph with Gold Metal Plate (7 types)

All of these merch are available to order or pre-order now on the Kaiba Corporation Store.

For more info, visit the Yu-Gi-Oh website.

Source: Nmia