Weiss Schwarz Hololive Premium booster features every member

Weiss Schwarz Hololive Premium booster will feature every member, including Hololive EN, Hololive ID as well as INNK Music AZKi and holoX.

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Crossover Trading Card Game will release a new booster set called Weiss Schwarz Premium Booster: Hololive Productionand it will expand the roster of their previous release Hololive Booster Set.

This premium booster set will feature all active 53 members, including international members of the Hololive EN and Hololive ID Vtubers, as well INNK Music AZKi and the recently debuted Holo JP Gen 6 Secret Society holoX. The announcement was made during Bushiroad’s 2021 TCG Strategy Presentation stream detailing their plans for future product releases and new developments for the upcoming year.

Unfortunately for overseas fans and collectors, the Premium Booster set will be available initially only at Hololive Super Expo 2022, a physical event at Makuhari Messe (Japan) on March 19 – 20, 2022. Currently, there’s still no word on if or when the set will become available online, nor is there a release date for an English Edition of the Weiss Schwarz Premium Booster: Hololive ProductionFortunately, the standard English Edition is still available for pre-order until December 10 from local distributors. 

The English Standard set features Hololive members from Gen 0 to 5, including Hololive Gamers, with 7 types of Trial Deck to choose from or you can pre-order your very own Hololive Booster Box. 

Source: Siliconera via Hobby Watch