Is the PS4 still worth it in 2022?

It's still tough to get a PS5, so is getting a PS4 still worth it in 2022 if you're in the market for a new console? Here's what we think.

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It’s been more than a year since the PlayStation 5 was released and yet, people still can’t seem to get their hands on it. Stocks are extremely limited with factors such as the pandemic and a global chip shortage dedicated to making sure that it stays that way for now. PS5’s “Play Has No Limits” suddenly has a limit.

PC gaming is an option, but the GPU prices alone will require you to stop eating for a month or two to even come close to affording them.

Unless you go through a scalper but then again, you wouldn’t want to sell off one of your kidneys to afford their absurd rates, right? How does Sony address the PS5 stock problem? Make more PS4’s! YA- wait, what? This brings us to the question, is the PS4 still worth getting today in 2022?

Yes, yes it is.

I know what you’re thinking, why would an 8-year old console be worth it? Outdated hardware, performance issues, fear of being left out, etc. The worry is justified. Not everything is true though.

Despite a year into the 9th generation of consoles, game developers are still releasing new games or updating existing ones on the PS4. They understand not everyone will have the capabilities of buying a shiny new $400-500 console, so you don’t have to be pressured in doing so.

Even some of the most anticipated titles are still coming out on the last gen. God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, Elden Ring, and Call of Duty just to name a few.

Sure, you’ll be missing out on higher framerates, resolution, faster loading times, etc. but they’re more of a luxury than a necessity for now. The PS4 still holds up today as one of the most reliable gaming devices ever made.

There’s only really a handful of exclusive games on the PS5 right now compared to the thousands already released on the PS4 with even more to come in the next year or so.

Scared that you’ll miss out? By the time you’ll get your hands on next-gen hardware, most of the earlier exclusive releases will be on sale already. Worried that your PS4 games will be obsolete? The PS5 has a backwards compatibility feature that can play most, if not all of them. You’re really just future-proofing yourself in the PlayStation ecosystem if anything.

To make things better, a lot of people nowadays are selling off their used PS4’s at a much cheaper price than retail. If you still prefer brand new, stores have a selection of console bundles that include 2 or more games in the package. Either way, you’re still getting one heck of a gaming experience.

Although, I do recommend going for the PS4 Pro variant as it offers slightly better hardware over the base model allowing some games a few extra performance-enhancing features. If not, go for the PS4 Slim over the base launch model as it may have a few problems running the latest games more efficiently. It is quite old after all. But hey, whoever said that was a bad thing?

Words by Renzo Guevara.