Cinema ‘76 Café serves up special The Batman and BTS treats this month

Cinema ‘76 Café just dropped a crossover that neither fans nor stans expected--but would likely swoon over.

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Cinema ‘76 Café just dropped a crossover that neither fans nor stans expected–but would likely swoon over.

This March, the al fresco movie-themed café celebrates the releases of “The Batman” and “BTS Permission To Dance On Stage – Seoul Concert”.

To kick off this collaboration, Cinema ‘76 Café will offer free latte art on hot drinks featuring the iconic Batman symbol and The Riddler’s nefarious question mark. All you need to do is present your movie ticket of “The Batman” purchased from Cinema ‘76 microcinema to avail of these kickass designs.

From Gotham to Seoul, rally the Army and enjoy one of South Korea’s popular drinks with Cinema ’76 Café’s Soju Yakult Series. The first signature drinks in the series are inspired by the global pop sensation, yo’ boys, BTS. Choose between two refreshing flavors: “Borahae”, a sweet berry concoction in a pretty purple hue, and “Young Forever”, a more grown-up twist on everyone’s favorite childhood yogurt drink. Taehyung would be proud.

The BTS-inspired mix is available for a limited time only from March 7 to March 20, and served 6PM onwards, like every adultier drink in town.

Aside from these exciting drinks, Cinema ‘76 Café is introducing a new line of pasta dishes and sandwiches. The former includes a rich selection, from Ala King Pasta, to their signature house special, Spicy Laing Tuna Pasta. The new sandwiches boast some delectable variants, notably The Ultimate Clubhouse Sandwich with chips, and The Wrong Sandwich – a play on the name of everyone’s local luncheon meat. Witty AND yummy.

The open-air cafe operates Monday to Sunday from 8 am to midnight. If you want to check out the full selection of new drinks, pasta dishes, and sandwiches mentioned earlier, follow Cinema ‘76 Cafe on Facebook and Instagram.