Forspoken release date delayed to October 11

    We'll have to wait a bit longer before we get to play Forspoken.


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    Originally set to release this May, Square Enix has announced that the Forspoken release date has been delayed to October 11, 2022. According to the developers, the delay was made to further polish the game.

    Luminous Productions’ full statement regarding the Forspoken release date delay reads:

    “We have made the decision to move the release date of Forspoken to October 11, 2022. Our vision for this exciting new IP is to deliver a game world and hero that gamers across the globe will want to experience for years to come, so getting it right is extremely important to us. To that end, during the next few months we will focus all of our efforts on polishing the game and can’t wait for you to experience Frey’s journey this fall.

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    Thank you for your understanding and continued support. We look forward to sharing more about Forspoken with you soon.”

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    In case you’re unfamiliar, Forspoken is an upcoming action RPG developed by Luminous Productions, the team behind Final Fantasy 15. In this game, players will take on the role of Frey Holland, a young woman transported into a fantasy world, and she must use her newfound magical abilities to find her way home.

    Forspoken is set to release on October 11, 2022 for PS5 and PC.

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    For more info on the game, check out our preview of Forspoken here:

    Forspoken Preview | An Isekai game with a Western flair

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