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    A look inside the Tears of Themis x WouldULike collab cafe in the Philippines

    Happy Birthday, Artem Wing!


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    To celebrate Artem Wing’s birthday, Tears of Themis has teamed up with WouldULike for a new collab cafe in the Philippines.

    This special celebration for one of Tears of Themis’ most beloved husbandos is happening now until April 29, 2022 at WouldULike in Eastwood Mall, Quezon City, and it’s a must-visit for any and every Tears of Themis fan. After all, not only will you get to enjoy some Artem Wing-inspired snacks, you’ll also get to take home some awesome goodies!

    To get you even more excited, here’s a quick tour of the cafe with its special decor:

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    tears of themis collab cafe tears of themis collab cafe tears of themis collab cafe tears of themis collab cafe tears of themis collab cafe tears of themis collab cafe

    As a bonus, there’s an Artem Wing birthday celebration corner where fans can have their pictures taken.

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    On top of this, visitors can also write their dedication to one of Tears of Themis’ best boy at the message wall. There are already lots of messages from dedicated fans, but there’s still space left!

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    Enjoying the special decor is one thing, but there’s also the special set menu and goodies for Tears of Themis fans.

    Special Set Menu + Goodies

    At the collab café, fans can order one of two sets (priced at PHP 375 each). These sets include a drink, a snack, and a selection of freebies.

    Each set menu includes:

    • Artem’s Berries – Strawberry iced tea + Cherry Cream Croiffle + Freebies set A + Paper Bag
    • Artem’s Milk – Strawberry latte + Cherry Cream Croiffle + Freebies set B + Paper Bag

    According to the collab organizers, the Strawberry iced tea ‘Artem’s Berries’ and Strawberry latte ‘Artem’s Milk’ are specially made by WouldULike just for this collaboration as they fit perfectly with the red theme of the event. Complementing the drinks is a Cherry Cream Croiffle — a specialty of the cafe.

    So, how do they taste? During our visit to the cafe, we ordered each of the sets and were able to try them out, and we’re happy to report that they taste great! The strawberry drinks and cherry croiffle are great, especially if you love sweets.

    Aside from enjoying these snacks, you’ll also get to take home freebies, including a postcard, a photo card, and stickers with each set. The set also comes with a special Artem-themed bottle and paper bag, both of which you can take home with you (for your Artem Wing shrine, perhaps).

    There’s also a promo where buying two sets in one receipt will give you an extra special postcard. So if you want to collect them all, buying both sets is the way to go.

    Best of all, while you can get these sets when you dine in, you can also get the set menu through take-out or delivery. Great news for fans who couldn’t make their way to Eastwood this week.

    As a bonus, by taking photos of the decor/set menu and posting it on social media, diners can claim a special Artem Wing bookmark for free. Simply post photos with the proper hasthags and show it to the WouldULike counter to get the free bookmark.

    Bonus: Artem Wing LED Billboard!

    Right in front of the Tears of Themis collab cafe, fans will also enjoy a lovely view of Artem Wing courtesy of fans who rented an LED billboard in celebration of their husbando’s birthday!

    This LED billboard can be seen from April 26-28, 2022. You can read more about it here.

    During our visit to the collab cafe, lots fans were already there to celebrate Artem Wing’s birthday. In fact, according to the organizers, there were 350 to 400 visitors already during the first day, and with more to come in the next few days. Aside from fans looking to enjoy the set menu and decor, there will also be artists and cosplayers that will attend, so don’t miss out if you’re a Tears of Themis fan!

    The Tears of Themis collab cafe in the Philippines is happening at WouldULike Specialty Coffee from April 25-29, 2022.

    WouldULike Specialty Coffee is open from 10AM to 10PM, and is located at 2nd floor Eastwood Mall Veranda, 116 Eastwood Ave., Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

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