Pearl Abyss x Blitzway Black Desert Dark Knight Figure Impressions

The Pearl Abyss x Blitzway Black Desert Dark Knight figure a genuine art piece for those who loves the game or collectors alike.

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Black Desert, the Korean MMORPG by Pearl Abyss, is still going strong with the constant updates that it’s receiving, with Pearl Abyss announcing the upcoming major update to the game along with the addition of the new class Drakania joining its massive roster of adventurers.

Though we want to talk more about the game, which I will do at some point, a few weeks ago Pearl Abyss sent us something special that got me surprised in many ways. Pearl Abyss allowed us to take a close look at one of the adventurers from Black Desert the Dark Knight. But what makes this opportunity special, is that we get to “meet” the Dark Knight not in-game but in figure form. The Black Desert Dark Knight Figurine by Blitzway, and boy, this lady is something.

For those who are new Black Desert, the game is an Open World MMORPG developed by the South Korean game developer Pearl Abyss. It has a fast-paced combat system that can be compared to other action games, as it requires you to chain your combos and aim manually. The vast open-world MMO has been around since 2015 and is available on multiple platforms, including a mobile version. Players can take the role of an Adventurer and choose between the twenty-three unique classes available in Black Desert, including our very own Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight is as alluring and deadly as she could be, with her mastery of the Kriegsmesser, she can turn enemies into minced meat. And true to her class name, the Dark Knight also wields dark magic that she can hurl at those unfortunate enough to oppose her, cementing the fact that even the most beautiful of roses has its thorns, which the Dark Knight embodies.Black Desert Dark Knight figure

Now that we get to know a little bit about the Dark Knight and not to be confused her with the other Dark Knight, let’s open the box.

Nice and Secure

Black Desert Dark Knight figureOpening the box, the contents are safely secured inside a tightly strapped polyfoam packaging that gave me no fuss in taking from the wonderfully presented box itself. The way they packaged this figure guarantees you that there shouldn’t be any broken parts in an event that the box itself would be mishandled by a Barbarian. On top of the secure box, everything is wrapped in plastic for an added layer of protection.

Black Desert Dark Knight figure

For the Dark Knight herself, she is just beautiful. She may be wearing black, but she’s just shining when I first gazed at her, and that had me thinking, “I can’t touch this figure with my sweaty hands, that’s just blasphemous” so I bought a pair of gloves before handling the figure itself. Despite my excitement, I didn’t regret holding on for another day as handling this figure gave me the impression that despite being sturdy enough, there are parts that are too delicate to handle with the surface of her body being susceptible to scratches; they even included a manual on how to handle the Dark Knight figure to avoid snapping her in half when taking her out of the box. It is also worth mentioning that this figures do have spikes or thorns like a rose, so be careful not to injure yourself when handling.

The Black Desert Dark Knight figure’s three dimensions are 550mm height, a 400mm wide base, and 350mm in width, which includes the base. I can’t deny that she is indeed heavy and tall, and she easily dwarfs any toy and figure that I have here. So you better find a space for this figure to display with.

Black Desert Dark Knight figure

Now, when it comes to everything that the Dark Knight figure came with, the box includes the blade of her sword, three branches, and the base where the figure will stand.

This Base now belongs to us


Before we talk about the details of the figure let’s talk about the base first, as it is a fine piece by itself. The way they molded it is just beautiful, the ebony with a glossy finish catches your eye as you can clearly see the molded roses in the base and the Dark Knight plate glimmers when you put it inside a well-lit room. When you look at the surface, you can see the cracked floor where a fallen petal sits, adding detail to where our Dark Knight would stand. But what hypes me further is the fact that they did some dry brushing on the surface of the rubble — just exquisite attention to detail. If I didn’t know that this base is for a figure, I would take this as a glorified paperweight, but kidding aside, we can only appreciate this base when we put it all together with the figure.

Black Desert Dark Knight figure

Assembly is simple as it just needed parts A to C to be fitted on their designated holes that include the blade and the Dark Knight figure herself. Though some parts needed some slight force to fit, it was not a huge deal and it’s quite satisfying knowing that all parts are fitted snuggly in place.

A True Art Piece

Black Desert Dark Knight figure

Now, finally fully assembled, all I could say is it is majestic as the amount of detail that has been put in this figure is astonishing. It always amazes me how these craftsmen manage to give life to a video game character, showing the amount of quality work that has been put in this particular figure. At this point, I wouldn’t call it just a mere figure but rather a statue considering how big it is giving it that premium feel to it.


The base also has a USB Type-C connector to use the statue’s gimmick. Connecting it to a power supply and pressing the well-hidden button, the LED lights turn on, showing a blue light through the branches. It just has this premium feel to it that you should know that this figure is a limited edition, and this is the part where I realized my brain is operating in Monke mode.

Visiting the website that sells this figure is where I confirmed that is the actual case, but it was not written on a piece of paper rather it was printed below the base. Not wanting to put pressure or risk damaging the statue I didn’t disassemble it, so I just took a peek below and saw that our copy is numbered 1699 of 2000 copies. That proves that this statue only came in a limited number, so once they sold that 2000 copies it’s gone.

Black Desert Dark Knight figure

But if I’ll criticize some aspects of the Black Desert Dark Knight figure that would be the small imperfections that the statue has, particularly with the chains of her wrist guard and the obvious seam line. I mean if they managed to use an actual chain with her high heels, why did they skip using one with the wrist guard?

They also used two different materials, both PVC and ABS, so if you think that the head looks brighter, the reason is it used a different material from the body. It won’t be a real bother for most people though. The LED lights also aren’t too powerful, at least in a well-lit room, so if you’re planning on displaying the statue with its LEDs turned on, have the lit only moderately.

All the issues are just minimal and me just being too critical as if you don’t mind these tiny details, then you won’t have any problem loving this statue.

Black Desert Dark Knight figure

Available as of December 17, 2021, the Pearl Abyss x Blitzway Black Desert Dark Knight figure is still available it will cost you about USD 522.01, not including the shipping cost, making it indeed costly. This makes it a collection piece for more veteran collectors who have the space and resources to purchase this piece. But if you don’t mind the price and are a huge fan of the game, or are looking for a wonderful figure to display the Black Desert Dark Knight figure is a good addition to your collection.