Physical & Meta Fashion Collection ‘Dark Days’ are Coming from SNK ATK

Another amazing collection from SNK ATK. Pre-orders are up, guys!

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Last April 15, Technical Fashion Design House, SNK ATK (pronounced ‘Sneak Attack’) launched their fourth mainline clothing collection entitled “Dark Days” alongside its functionality as “phygital” wearables – making the physical clothing wearable in the metaverse through a partnership with virtual fashion platform DressX.

SNK ATK’s “Dark Days” mainline collection is a realignment of the original brand vision of creating clothing for the future. The lineup includes:

  • UMBRA Noragi Jacket – The next evolution of the signature SNK ATK jacket. A reworked outerwear piece with Japanese “noragi” styling. Designed for wear in tropical conditions but works as a lightweight shell in temperate climes. Side zippers for access to messenger bags, internal sling for easy carry. Water-repellent fabric, mesh vents for breathability, 2-way stretch, UV protective and antistatic.

  • TANTO Technical Trousers – Engineered cargo trousers with an anatomically cut design for better range of movement. Streamlined cargo pockets with water resist zips. Adjustable waistband with internal belt. Water-repellent fabric, breathable, 2-way stretch, UV protective and antistatic.
  • ENEMY MkIII Hoodie – An old Enemy returns. A technically-styled reinvention of the original SNK ATK enemy hoodie with reinforced kangaroo pocket, arm pocket, and elbow panels.

  • RYUDO PS Pants – An ultrawide lightweight drop crotch pant based on an avant garde “harem” pattern. Made for freedom of movement. Large cargo pockets and zippered angled back pockets. Adjustable waistband with internal belt. Water-resistant, universal waist adjustment, 4-way stretch, and breathable.
  • 3D-Cut Longline Shirt – The essential lightweight t-shirt for breathability and sweat-wicking. An innovative 3D pattern with seamless armpit design for comfort regardless of activity.

  • OS Graphic Tee – a boxy, oversized t-shirt with Dark Days graphics enhanced via augmented reality (AR) and a loop strap on the nape.
  • OS Pocket Tee – a technically-styled oversized t-shirt with a zippered water-resist chest pocket and loop strap on the nape.


The entire collection was designed, patterned, and simulated entirely in 3D by SNK ATK Co-founder & Creative Director Psalm Alfafara. “Our digital design process helps us simulate how a garment looks, drapes, and behaves even before we create the first sample; streamlining the prototyping phase and reducing the amount of fabric wastage, which can only be a good thing for the environment.” says Psalm. “We’re probably one of, if not the only clothing brand in the Philippines that designs everything fully digitally in 3D, and we’re just only beginning to scratch the surface of this method.”

Each item of clothing in the Dark Days collection is tied to a digital wearable through a scannable code included in the packaging, and leads to a redeemable virtual item on the DressX platform. The DressX app allows the user to wear the item virtually through AR and share it through social media, use it as an avatar, and keep it in their virtual closet.

“We’re already living in the future, why shouldn’t we dress like it?” asks SNK ATK Creative Director Psalm Alfafara. “We designed our new collection to not only be a representation of your style and personality in real life, but also of your virtual identity”, talking about the phygital wearable aspect of the clothing collection. “These days we’re not just living our lives in the real world, but are also inextricably linked to the different online personas we create on social media – and now in the nascent metaverse through NFTs and the adoption of Web3”, Psalm adds.

The Dark Days collection will be available for limited preorder starting April 15, 2022 on For more information on the garments, their special features, and design details, follow SNK ATK on Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter (