Gum-Gum fruit from One Piece is now an actual fruit cake for sale in Japan

The Gum-Gum fruit from One Piece is now a fruit cake which is on sale in Japan, and it is made by a Japanese confectionery store.

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One Piece Gum-Gum Fruit or Gomu Gomu no Mi which turns those who consume it into human rubber is now on sale in Japan as a new muskmelon cake by the Japanese confectionery company, Their new cake product was released during One Piece’s protagonist Monkey D. Luffy’s birthday last May 5, 2022. 

The Gum-Gum fruit cake takes the same appearance as its anime inspiration, being purple with swirly patterns, complete with its non-edible stem. The outer shell is created from a hollowed muskmelon and is stuffed with a layer of sponge cake, melon-flavored whipped cream, and strawberries. It may not grant you the power of Rubber but it certainly looks tasty.

This is similar to their other product, their Marugoto Melon Cake, as the Gum-Gum fruit cake is a special collaboration with One Piece and is made by their very own pastry chef, Patissier Kato. 

Unfortunately, only ships this special cake in select Japanese prefectures, which will cost JPY 13,00 (PHP 5,273.63), so it won’t be possible for overseas fans outside of Japan to have a bite of this cake. But if you’re in Japan and are a big One Piece fan, this cake might be the perfect thing to get for a special occasion. 

Source: soranews24