This stunning Elden Ring ‘Melina’ cosplay shoot was taken in Rizal

Photographer Jeffrey Capilitan released an awesome cosplay shoot of Melina featuring cosplayer Doichi which was shot in Rizal, Philippines.

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Given the popularity of Elden Ring, cosplayers from all over the world have shared their cosplay of Melina, the player’s Finger Maiden that guides them in their journey. And while we’ve seen lots of cosplays, this particular Melina photoshoot might just be our favorite.

Recently, Photographer Jeffrey Capilitan released an awesome shoot of Melina featuring cosplayer Doichi. Aside from being impressive in its own right, what makes this one of our favorites is the fact that it was shot right here in the Philippines — specifically in Pililla, Rizal.

You can check out the full cosplay shoot here:

As The Lands Between is a fantastical and at times, an otherworldly place, the local cosplay shoot did well to capture the look and feel of the world of Elden Ring. While the shots did undergo post-processing work to make the scenery look more like The Lands Between, the shoot is still an impressive feat as the locations/scenery did not look too artificial.

Aside from the photography by Capilitan, Doichi’s Melina cosplay is also incredibly on point, and in our opinion, she definitely gave justice to the Finger Maiden.

Of course, credit has to be given to Lorienel Gerebise Agawin (Wardrobe), John Vincent Sanido (Co-Creative/ Elden Ring Expert), Omar Ramos (Creative Assistant), and  Jay Ar Cubian Anjao (Creative Assistant) for their great work on the shoot.

Here are some of our favorites from the photoshoot:

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