Uniqlo highlights their latest UT collections at the 2022 UT Convention

Some awesome new designs for Uniqlo are here!

As the first of its kind, the 2022 UT Convention was held at SM Megamall where Uniqlo showed us their latest UT Collection Line-Up. Each collection was aimed to be a celebration of individuality with designs from Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Magnum Photos, and more taking center stage.

In line with the idea of encouraging customers to wear what they love based on their personalities and hobbies, Uniqlo tapped into various facets of pop culture to design their new UT Collections. After the launch of the Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Collection, we will soon be seeing designs from famous animation titles like Gundam, Doraemon, and Pokemon as well as designs from LEGO and Mikey & Friends. Designs made in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), The Brands Car, and Magnum Photos will also be made available to fans too. Winning designs from the Peanuts-themed UT Grand Prix will also be showcased.

Here a quick look at some of the sights from the 2022 UT Convention along with some of the new UT Designs:

For updates on the new collections from the 2022 UT Convention, visit the UT Collections page and UT Magazine page. Stay tune here for updates as well!