Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is now available on Android and iOS

    VNG Philippines prepares a hack and slash RPG game, Dynasty Warriors: Overlords!


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    After the game’s recent pre-registration period, Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is now available on Android and iOS in the Philippines!

    Overlord is the latest Dynasty Warriors game, and while it’s made for smartphones, it promises to deliver a satisfying experience for longtime series fans.

    Specifically, the game features hack and slash gameplay that’s reminiscent of Dynasty Warrior 7 and Dynasty Warrior 7: Extreme Legends. The “7” games are considered as favorites of some because it has the most balanced gameplay with the most complete lineup of Generals.

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    The new mobile Dynasty Warriors game features both PvE and PvP fetures, including:

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    PvE features

    • Blossom: PVE solo mode in the form of dungeons that can be completed to get rewards every day.
    • Storm: a competition to defeat as many enemies as possible within a predetermined time limit.
    • Lightning: A mode that has 4 chapters with 5 stages each. Players must complete the stage to move to the next stage and chapter.
    • Fighter Skills: PVE solo mode with SSR General Fragments rewarded. Choose a General to use and to complete the stage.
    • Great Competition: Solo PVE mode with SSR General Fragments reward. Players can compete with other players for the Boss.
    • Combined War: Form a team and aim to defeat enemy Generals.
    • BOSS War – Beast: Choose up to 5 Generals to beat the Dungeon Boss. Strange Beast Mode will end when all Generals or Dungeon Bosses are defeated.
    • Army Advisor Activities: Clear stages of varying difficulty to get various materials.

    PvP features

    • Solative Striving: PVP using 3 Generals, defeat all enemy Generals to win the battle.
    • Karma Duel: Unlock General’s Karma to unlock Karma challenges. It is a solo PVP that challenges enemies based on the highest Rating.
    • Martial Party: Automatic PVP Solo Duel using 3 Generals against 3 enemy Generals.
    • Imperial Fight: Solo PVP elimination mode.
    • Guild Tournament: Automatic PVP using 3 Generals against 3 enemy Generals.
    • Guild Ladder: 3vs3 Party PVP with Guild members against other Guilds
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    To celebrate the launch, VNG Philippines also held various in-game events. In the events, players can get the SR Diao Chan by doing the first top-up, the Legendary SSR Guan Yu by logging in every day, and more.

    Dynasty Warriors: Overlords was released recently by VNG Philippines and you can download it now on your smartphone via:

    Aside from being available on the App Store and Google Play, you can also download the APK file for Android via the link above.

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