Nijisanji EN opens auditions for their Male GAMER VTuber group

Nijisanji EN opens new batch of auditions, and this time for this time they're looking for Male GAMER applicants for their English branch.

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NIJISANJI EN has opened another audition for their English-speaking male VTuber talents, and this time they’re looking for Male GAMER applicants for their English branch. 

Applicants can audition till August 29 at 23:00 PDT/15:59 JST/ 22:59 PDT and must meet the basic requirements from the previous auditions. Specifically, applicants must be 18 years of age, they must be able to stream or deliver content three times a week within a year, and must be able to play a character.

Although, applicants for this specific audition must meet these criteria and requirements:

  • The applicant must be a Gamer (Making streamers/aspiring streamers to be considered in this audition)
  • This audition is for Male characters only (Candidates does not require to be Male but are expected to carry out their streaming activities as a Male character)
  • Must be fluent in English (It is desirable if the candidate has knowledge of other languages but is highly optional)

Applicants must then send a five minute video/audio URL file of them introducing themself in character using either a webcam, an original character design of their own, or pre-existing model. There’s no need to show their real face in their submitted application. More information is listed in the application form

Like always, it would be a three-round process where applicants that made it to the shortlist would be contacted once applications are all processed. 

Currently, NIJISANJI EN has six generations or six waves of VTuber talents, with the recent six-wave ILUNA debuting last July as their first mix gendered group, making this Male GAMER group its seventh wave.