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    PlayPark’s Dream Of A New World mobile RPG is getting a Closed Beta Test

    Dream of a New World kicks off its Closed Beta Test on August 31!


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    After its reveal at PlayPark launchpad, PlayPark has announced that the upcoming mobile RPG Dream of a New World (DNW) is getting a Closed Beta Test this week.

    Specifically, the upcoming Closed Beta Test (CBT) will happen from August 31 to September 5, 2022. During the test, players will be able to experience the Beta version of the game with friends. Though as with typical closed betas, there will be a server wipe after the test.

    This new beta follows the recent Alpha Test which happened last July. And to celebrate, the PlayPark DNW team has lined up lots of in-game and community activities for players to enjoy.

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    For starters, all CBT participants will receive the exclusive ‘CBT Pioneer’ signature which they can claim during the game’s official launch. There will also be stretch goals featuring more rewards to unlock. Plus, the PlayPark DNW team will be giving away random rewards during the CBT period. These rewards include costumes, gear, special pets, and more.


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    Aspiring content creators are also invited to send their portfolio to become official DNW streamers. Exclusive Dream of a New World gear, merch, and a title will be reserved for the chosen content creators.

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    In case you’re unfamiliar, Dream of a New World is an upcoming mobile MMORPG with turn-based strategy gameplay.

    PlayPark describes the game as:

    Dream of a New World SEA is an exciting mobile MMORPG game that combines turn-based strategy mechanics with pet collection and evolution to give players their dream adventure. Explore a vast new world filled with creatures both cute and deadly, build communities with your friends and allies, and raise the ultimate pet companions through your journey.

    Aside from a very interactive storyline, Dream of a New World SEA also has cross-server PvP so you can test your team’s prowess against players from all over Southeast Asia. You can also show off your pet collection and purchase power-ups and outfits for them as they grow on your journey.

    Along with Adventure Mode and PvP, players can also form guilds and participate in guild activities to earn points and grow their prestige. Dream of a New World SEA also features a housing system you can furnish and make your own. If you’re in a guild, you can be neighbors with your guildmates and create the ultimate village you can decorate and where your pets can be showcased. Other social activities are also baked into the game like a Best Buddy System, marriage options, and even guild racing events.

    Interested in trying the game out? You can still pre-register on Play Store or App Store to join the Closed Beta Test. Just look up for ‘Dream of a New World’ on these app platforms and tap ‘Pre-register’ or ‘Pre-Order’.

    For more info, visit the Dream of a New World SEA Facebook page.

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