PS5 Horizon Forbidden West Bundle will be available for pre-order tomorrow in the Philippines

The 20th wave of PS5 pre-orders will go live on August 12, with the PS5 Horizon Forbidden West bundle being available in the Philippines.

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If you still haven’t gotten a PS5, tomorrow’s your chance as the 20th wave of PlayStation 5 pre-orders will go live on August 12 in the Philippines, with the PS5 Horizon Forbidden West bundle being available.

Specifically, PlayStation authorized retails including Databliz, i.TECH, and others have announced that the PS5 will once again be available for pre-order, but only for five minutes similar to previous pre-orders. The pre-order period will be tomorrow, August 12 from 2 PM to 2:05 PM.

Each retailer has its own mechanics for pre-orders. Some will simply share a pre-order link while others will need pre-registration.

Check out the details here:

Based on the announcements, it seems that most of the retailers will carry the PS5 Horizon Forbidden West bundle. This PS5 bundle includes the Blu-Ray disc version of the console, as well as a voucher for the latest Horizon game for PS5.

Forbidden West was released earlier this year, and while it is also available on PS4, the PS5 version of the game is the definitive one to play thanks to better graphics and a higher framerate.

To find out where you can pre-order the PS5, check out the full list of PlayStation authorized retailers in the Philippines here.

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