Singapore’s Scoot has an actual, rideable Pikachu airplane

Scoot just unveiled their Pokemon jet airplane featuring Pikachu and others, and its maiden flight is happening this September.

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While we won’t be getting any round-trips to the Johto region, Scoot just unveiled their fully decked-out Pokemon jet airplane featuring Pikachu and others! 

Called the Pikachu Jet, this is part of their 10-year anniversary celebration which features Pokémon-themed inflight experiences.

This also makes them the first ASEAN airline outside of Japan to launch such a collaborative Pokemon-themed event.

The event features specially curated Scoot x Pokémon livery, Pokémon flights experience, merchandise, and more. Changi Airport was one of then first to get the Pokémon treatment.

Specifically, the Pikachu Jet livery features art of Pikachu, Pichu, Shaymin, Psyduck, Lapras, Celebi and Meganium on the fuselage. There are also Pokémon hiding on both sides of the wings.

As for what to expect inside, the Pikachu Jet features Pokemon characters printed on teh seat covers and overhead cabins, as well as themed cups and serviettes. Passengers will also be served with Japanese-inspired dishes served in themed packaging.

On top of these, there will also be special Scoot X Pokémon Air Adventures merchandise that will be available for purchase in-flight. 

We’ve yet to know if any other ASEAN countries will be getting some sweet Pikachu decals, but this is definitely a nice first step outside of Japan. Maybe a Ho-ohcopter? One could only dream.

Flyscoot’s inaugural Pikachu jet flight from Singapore to Tokyo will be happening on September 9, 2022. This jet will also be used in select flights between Singapore, Tokyo, and Seoul in the coming months. 

For more info on the Pokemon and Scoot collab, visit the official Scoot website