Starbucks Japan is selling a shockingly special cream pie

    Starbucks Japan is offering everyone a chance to try this special cream pie.


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    We’ve seen our fair share of outrageous food items, but none seem to hold a candle to what Starbucks Japan is offering right now — a cream pie.

    While it may seem innocuous over in the land of the rising sun, everywhere else, it’s…strange to say the least.

    It doesn’t help that the item in question is literally a cream pie that looks, rather questionable.

    (c) grape Japan
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    No, that’s not a Resident Evil B.O.W. It’s Starbucks Japan’s special Blueberry and Cocoa Cream Pie. The unsettling pink orbs are actually strawberry powder-coated chocolate pearls. This is mixed with blueberry cream and baked into a cocoa pie husk-I mean, crust.

    Reading the ingredients out loud paints the image of a sweet, fruity, and delectable treat. So, I suppose it’s safe to just keep reading. DO NOT AVERT YOUR EYES. SLAANESH WILLS IT.

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    Netizens have been finding the reason behind this bizarre design, and have seen a few parallels between this blueberry pastry from Yharnam and the very cute and ornate golden apple snail–a poisonous slug armed with neurotoxins in its pink sacs.

    At this point, I’m done asking questions.

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    All jokes aside, I’m sure it’s a delicious treat. Strawberry-covered ANYTHING is good enough. Add some blueberry fruit preserve and a chocolate-flavored crust, and you have quite the party. You can check it out here if you’re so inclined.

    But if it triggers some undiscovered, heightened version of trypophobia, I’ll have to politely decline.

    Yes, even if it is a cream pie.

    Image sources: Starbucks Japan, Grape Japan

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