How to get started with Anito Legends

Anito Legends is a strategic auto-battler where you are asked to assemble a team of three Anitos, and here's a quick guide on getting started.

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Anito Legends is a strategic auto-battler wherein you are asked to assemble a team of three Anitos. You are free to customize equipment such as armor and weapons to take on different adventures the world offers or against other players.

We recently did a feature that talks more in-depth about what can you expect from the game but for now, we want to help you in your first steps toward becoming a legend.

These are just a few tips that can help steer you in the right direction in your first few hours with the game. The beauty of Anito Legends is the more you get into it, the more tools you’ll be given to play around with. The game was always intended to provide an equal experience for players who want to play casually or competitively.

Whatever playstyle you choose, make sure to keep these in mind.

Prepare well

When you first boot up the game, you’ll be brought to the lobby screen where you can view all your Anitos, open gacha boxes, view the store, and select various game modes. Before anything else, you have to make sure that the team you’re bringing to battle is fit and ready for the job.

Make sure to inspect each Anito you have and see what their stats are looking like and equip them with the proper gear to buff whatever they are lacking. Some equipment has special abilities that enhance your Anitos’ basic skills.

One of the main game modes, Adventure mode (PvE), has you fighting through tower floors to reach the boss at the top. The farther you go, the better the rewards will be.

You can only heal or revive your team back at the camp. Keep this in mind so that you know which ones to prioritize. You can’t have a full stack of tanks with minimal damage output at all or vice versa. Or maybe you can if you want, the choice is up to you. The main thing here is that you get to keep all three of your Anitos alive and well to fight the boss at the top of each tower. Beating Tower Boss rewards the player with $GINTO tokens

Just an example of a simple life hack: Area of Effect (AoE) attacks mean you’re multiplying your damage output to hit multiple opponents with each attack — it’s a good idea to equip AoE attack weapons on Anitos with high ATK stats to boost your raw damage-dealing capability. Hit multiple birds with one stone!

Be patient and work your way through the towers. Don’t expect that you’ll breeze through all of them in one single go. There is a level of trial and error that will happen so make sure your team is equipped well enough at the start. Finding the right combination of weapons and armor will make the journey easier.

Grinding is key! Earn XP, Perlas, and crafting materials as much as possible to unlock new and better equipment. This ensures longer survival in Adventure Mode. When you eventually get the hang of things and reach Level 5, Arena Mode (PvP) will be unlocked where you can really put to the test just how good your team is against other players in the community. Don’t worry, matches are made based on player skill level so the competition will be fair. Winning matches will also let you earn $GINTO tokens.

Engaging in PvP is a perfect opportunity for you to keep playing while recharging your energy at the same time. Yes, there is an energy system that will run out if you keep going through PvE modes. Once this runs out, you’ll no longer be able to open the chests that you earn in the tower!

Assemble the right pieces

Who doesn’t love shopping? Make sure to regularly visit Nino’s Shop at the camp to reroll and unlock equipment blueprints. Legendary blueprints are needed to craft powerful equipment.

There are different in-game currencies to manage depending on what you want to purchase or create. Looking to craft a Legendary weapon but you’re missing a crafting material? Special ones can only be found by playing Adventure mode but be sure to check out Duendel’s Shop, which opens only on Fridays! You can also sell off your rare materials to him if you have an abundance of crafting materials but no Perlas to work with. These are important because they are used to buy blueprints.

Always make sure to buy every high-tier weapon blueprint. You never know when it’ll roll to your favor again or when you’ll need it to craft for Arena Mode.

Make the game play for you while you’re gone

Before you quit the game, take advantage of Anito Care! Other than making sure your Anito is healthy and happy, you can also send them to quests so that when you come back, they have some gear and resources for you to use.

Your Anitos will be bringing back chests containing Perlas and other items that might just be the one thing that you need to make that super powerful gear you’ve been eyeing for so long.

It’s a great feature that allows players to do other things such as work or touch grass without penalizing the time away from the game. It’ll do all the work for you while you’re gone and once you log back in and open the chests, you have fresh supplies to use in your play session.

What are you waiting for? Jump in on Anito Legends and see just how powerful you can be. With these tips in mind, you’ll for sure gain a better advantage than other starter players.

Speaking of which, make sure to join the Anito Legends Discord where you can interact with the developers and fellow players alongside getting real-time updates on upcoming sales, events, and new content.

It’s worth mentioning that the game has officially ended its Beta and is in Early Access already with full launch coming soon! Join the fast-growing community in experiencing the world of Anito Legends.