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    Coca-Cola and Bleach team up for ‘Soul Blast’ limited edition flavor


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    Reunite in Seal M

    To further drum up hype for Thousand-Year Blood War, Coca-Cola teamed up with Bleach for a special “Soul Blast” limited edition flavor.

    Along with the limited edition drink, the Coke and Bleach collab will also feature special promotional materials, as well as a cool merch collab with a Japanese streetwear brand.

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    Of course, the highlight of the collab is the Soul Blast Zero Sugar drink. The can features a special design featuring Ichigo from the iconic anime series.

    As for what it tastes like, this Bleach Coke is described as “Action Flavored” which, to be honest, we have no clue what will taste like. This is unlike Coca-Cola’s previous limited edition Marshmello drink which featured a watermelon and strawberry flavor.

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    Aside from the drink, the collab will also feature special promotional materials, as well as a cool Coke x Bleach-themed vending machine in Shinjuku. This vending machine is part of a wider collab with Japanese streetwear brand Atmos.

    The Atmos partnership with Bleach and Coke also features a wide range of exclusive goodies, including t-shirts, key holders, acrylic stands, pins, stickers, and clear files. These will be available beginning today at the Bleach Coca-Cola pop-up in the Shinjuku Atmos store.

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    Why did Coke team up with Bleach you might be wondering? That’s because Bleach is returning this month with Thousand-Year Blood War, a new anime series that will cover the arc of the same name in the manga, and it will stream beginning next week.

    Thanks to this, the Bleach anime will finally get a proper conclusion as the original anime’s run did not cover the entire manga’s story.

    For now, there’s no word yet if this Bleach Coke flavor will be released outside Japan. Here’s hoping that it does. After all, the Marshmello edition Coke did get released hear in the Philippines back in August.

    Source: PR Times

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    Nicolo Manaloto
    Nicolo Manaloto
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    1. China// got a 12pack of the new coke. That first episode too ! that was some nostalgic roller coaster. anyway let’s get to the flavour….
      coke zero with a hint of orange was the first thing I noticed. I’m thinking ichigo … orange hair… orange flavour. 🍊 makes sense too. After a while u do start to taste a bit of vanilla or what could be brown sugar u see in baba tea shops. the kids enjoyed it I thought it was cool and also u can scan it with alipay AR for the commercial and coupons, u get three vouchers, a 50rmb , an 8rmb and a 15rmb voucher. there are some goodies too but unfortunately not with my order. so I’m going with its a coke zero with Fanta mixed in. my son said that too when he tried ” daddy u out Fanta in the coke?”


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