Metal Slug: Awakening 2nd Alpha Test is now ongoing

    The iconic series is making a comeback with Metal Slug: Awakening for smartphones!


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    Reunite in Seal M

    Following its reveal back in May 2021, VNG Games has announced that Metal Slug: Awakening is now on its 2nd Alpha Test.

    With the game on another alpha test, more Pinoy Metal Slug fans can get to try out this upcoming game. Not to mention that this means development on the game is progressing smoothly, so we might expect to see an official launch sometime soon.

    “Filipino gamers from Alpha Test 1 (Ran in July 2022) helped us to map out this new version of the game and we cannot wait to get feedback from the Philippine gaming community. Testers can look forward to testing new features like the ‘Clone Master’ (a.k.a. Guild Boss Raid),” said Maricar Cacnio, Operations Lead of VNG Philippines.

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    Here is a quick rundown of what you can expect from Alpha Test 2 compared to the first test:

    • Classic Gameplay | Arcade gaming satisfaction on your mobile
    • NEW! Characters | Be blown away by the action
    • NEW! Features | Reunite with the old and make new friends
    • NEW! Maps | Unlock dungeons and take down Boss Monsters
    • NEW! Gear | Hot guns and sizzling gear to try out
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    The second Metal Slug: Awakening Alpha test has 4,000 slots available for each country, with slots being distributed on a first come, first served basis.

    Pre-download began on October 20, and those who were selected were able to start playing on October 21. Though the test is only available for Android devices with Google Play Store access in the Philippines and Indonesia.

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    In case you weren’t able to get in on the alpha, you can still find out more about the game ahead of its release at:

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