How video content platforms are helping creators showcase their creativity

Today is a golden age for creators, especially as various video content platforms like Bilibili are helping creators showcase their skills.

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Today is a golden age for creators, especially compared to a couple of years ago when video content platforms aren’t as packed with numerous creative folks. Now, pretty much every community has various content creators that are making great videos; be it games, anime, or other types of geeky interests.

Even the data supports this as according to AnyMind Group’s Influencer Marketing Report 2022, the total number of content creators in the Philippines across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has increased by nearly 20% year on year. Specifically, on YouTube alone, the number of creators with 100,000 to 1 million subscribers has grown by a staggering 85%.

This increase is thanks in large part to video content platforms making it easier for creators to showcase their creativity. One such platform is Bilibili, one of the leading anime, comics, and gaming (ACG) content platforms in Southeast Asia.

Anime fans are likely already familiar with Bilibili for being a site where you can officially stream new seasonal anime along with classic titles. But the platform is more than just an anime streaming service as it is becoming a platform for fans to create content for the community to enjoy.

To support creators, Bilibili introduced the Selected Creators feature in May 2022. This provided creators an opportunity to promote their videos via the website or the app, giving them more avenues to reach more viewers. Meanwhile, for those new to content creation, the platform also features courses at the Creator Academy, as well as sponsorship options for virtual fan meetups.

Based on these efforts, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for the geek community in the Philippines, especially with content platforms being more open to creators.

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